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Teikei coffee connects coffee drinkers with coffee farmers directly. As a 100% non-profit organization, we finance and support our small farmers with every participant and purchase – and thus an extraordinary coffee at our home!

Teikei coffee is the first global community supported agriculture. Our farms are 100% owned by small farmers in Veracruz / Mexico, 100% of the profits are paid to the farmers.

In 2017, teikei coffee receives an average of € 29 for each kilo of roasted coffee. Here is our calculation. Our farmers get € 7.80 which is 27% of the total price. Throughout the year, we will also be able to show the real costs of the farmers, so that it is possible to check how much their work costs as a whole CSA. In fact, we pay more to our farmers for the green bean than the market does. Currently, our project is financing a part time job in Germany for the team work, processing and construction.

Everyone wins: the coffee farmer, the coffee drinker and even the coffee. teikei coffee is not a company but a non-profit organization. Instead of struggling to maximize profits, we choose another type of economy, which benefits our farmers and their farms. Our organic farmers are experts in what they do. They plant Arabica coffee on small farms and reap by hand. We bring the best coffee from our farmers by sailing ship and roast in small batches in Velburg near Nürnberg. We pack and ship directly to our participants in Germany and Europe.

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