We work with sailing ship companies. Timbercoast and Fairtransport will ship our coffee to Europe.


Our 1920’s schooner AVONTUUR is sailing in European and Caribbean waters as a tramp cargo service. The AVONTUUR is the missing link between the sustainable producer and the conscientious consumer. The statistics are clear, the current 90,000 plus container ships are destroying our oceans and spewing toxins into our atmosphere. In order for this global dependency to change we believe there must be a collaborative and viable alternative solution.

In 2007 the three friends Arjen, Andreas & Jorne founded Fairtransport in the Netherlands, the world’s first “emission-free” shipping company. With the only sailboat in the world that does not need an engine, Fairtransport has become famous. The main goal of Fairtransport is to transport without emissions, focusing on the transport of special products such as organically grown olive oil, wine, rum and coffee.