As a participant, you will co-fund the coffee farming together with the other participants and receive your share of the harvest. This brings to the coffee farmers not only more consumers, but also people who will carry together the risk of harvesting.

What do we need?

We need about 1,500 families, each with about 4 kg coffee per year and paying in advance. This would finance our coffee farmers, including all production costs and basic expenses for their families.

The price

The price of our coffee depends on the actual costs of production, transportation and roasting. According to our calculations, the coffee is not more expensive than in the normal trade. The difference is that both, the coffee farmers and the sailors can get a prize, based on a sustainable support. One kilo of best quality costs 29 €, incl tax and shipping (see the details for Europe).

Coffee for test

The coffee from Mexico can be ordered from our roster. Here
Our coffee has been tested as one of the best coffees – for coffee specialists and lovers. You can find a test result here.


Take part in
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