Price calculation 2017 for Europe

What is the price of the coffee and how is the price calculated?

Den Preis ausserhalb Deutschlands müssen wir jeweils errechnen. Steuer und Transport sind ganz verschieden. Wir können auch grüne Bohnen liefern und ihr sucht einen geeigneten Röster bei Euch.

Hier der Preis aus Deutschland:

For a group order from 10 kg per delivery the coffee costs 27 € per kg.
Up to 10 kg, the coffee costs 29 € per kg.

Our coffee price from 2017 with the costs
for a delivery under 10kg:

Throughout the year, we will also be able to show the actual costs of the farmers, so it becomes clear what their work actually costs.

Our farmers receive from us a higher kilo price for the green bean, than on the “free” market.

Teikei coffee is a 100% non-profit organization and we are currently financing a part time job in Germany for processing and construction. The farm land is 100% owned by the farmers. Please click here to see the team of teikei coffee.

The overview of the financial information presented shows the costs for 1 kilogram of roasted coffee. For our organic coffee, our farmers received € 7.80 per kilo of green bean, or 27% of our sales.

This is a brief look into our calculation. Of course it does not show, what is the need for a farmer or sailor. This is just showing the cost and the sale price. For further information, please contact us at