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El Equimite – Sol Nocturno – Los Carilles
in Veracruz, México

El Equimite is a CSA farm of 30 members and has a Demeter certification for the cultivation of vegetables and coffee. Our farm, a community supported and forestry agriculture, is currently developing into a working space where farmers can study sustainable coffee and vegetable cultivation. In a forestry agriculture, the tropical rain forest won’t be completely cleared, but 70% will remain. Coffee farming, forestry and biodiversity go hand-in-hand.

Gibran as the founder and farmer and Esteban as the Demeter farmer from El Equimite with Silvino from Los Carilles by planting new coffee trees at the El Equimite farm.

Sol Nocturno is located in a nearby forest and is managed by Diego. This is a whole new project, which will reap the first coffee beans in one year or two. Sol Noturno, with its 4.5-hectare area, will focus entirely on the cultivation of coffee for our community supported coffee project.

Diego, Hermann, Pedro, Silvino senhor, Paulo on the Sol Noturno farm during planting.

Los Carilles is a traditional coffee family with about 4 hectares of cultivation space for coffee and a small area for a vegetable self-supply. The family hopes that in a few years teikei coffee will be able to grow into a large family of farmers and members in Germany and Europe.

Aymileth Peres Lópes, Silvino Cortés Castillo, Hermann, Silvino Cortés Hernández and Pedro Cortés Castillo during a visit on “Ensambles”

All three farms work closely together to produce the coffee for teikei coffee.

Our coffee has been tested as one of the best coffees – for coffee specialists and lovers. You can find a test result here.


Together, we are developing “Ensambles” for sustainable coffee cultivation in the region. We are an integrated project for production and distribution of organic and biodynamically grown coffee and food. School and community education, integrative natural health and agro-eco-tourism are another focus of our work. We are a social enterprise, all of our practices are based on a deep respect for people, the country and the environment.

Our coffee growing area is located 1200-1300 meters above sea level.

We cooperate with cafecol


Here is a photo-album of Cafetal El Equimite.