What’s teikei coffee?  [tɛi’kɛi:]

People come together to finance the agriculture. Centuries ago, there were already similar economies, which we call today: CSA (Community Supported Agriculture – in Japanese Teikei [tɛi’kɛi:]). Today, with industrialized agriculture, the time seems ripe to revive this old successful recipe in the cultivation of coffee: consumers finance the agriculture and, in return, share the harvest – that is, harvest and the harvest risk are divided communally. The farmer is independent of the market and its fluctuations. Join CSA and become part of the growing movement to keep small-scale farms alive.

Our farmers are experts in what they do. They plant Arabica coffee on small farms and reap by hand. We import the excellent coffee from them by sailing ship and roast in small batches in Velburg near Nürnberg. We pack and ship directly to our members in Germany and Europe. We are a non-profit organization.

Our farmers look forward to your support and to seeing how this new project will develop. It will afford the family a stable income by investing in their farms. In addition, this will lead to a better coffee harvest in the coming years.

See here how it works.