Frequently Asked Questions
What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a new type of economy – simple, but revolutionary. In Japanese it’s called teikei [tɛi’kɛi:]. People come together to finance agriculture for a whole season, share the harvest and the risk. The farmer is independent of the market and its variations. Join CSA and become part of the growing movement to keep small-scale farms alive.
Why a teikei coffee?
Normally a CSA is local agriculture for daily food, but we’re trying to make it happen in more areas worldwide. This is a project that supports coffee farmers and sailors, and what you can enjoy from your participation and kindness is not only the nice coffee, but also the knowledge/assurance that your help improves financial stability for the farm, which in turn enables the farmer to commit to high quality coffee at fair prices and also an emission-free transport.
Is teikei coffee fair-trade?
Yes, we run our project based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, like fair-trade projects do.
What is a harvest risk?
Our first year is a trial year. The farmers will bear the risk alone. There are many uncontrolled risks in agriculture, such as crop failure caused by heavy rain, storms, insects, climate change, etc. We will keep you up to date on all the details of the farming work, transportation and roasting throughout the year.
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What do I get after a good harvest and after a crop failure?
Until we have enough members to finance the whole CSA, we will continue to follow the fair-trade economy style, with fixed prices for fixed kilos. That means at the beginning there is no difference for you in a good or a bad harvest.
May I cancel anytime?

Yes. Our first year is a trial year. You can cancel your reservation any time this year. You will get your money back from your prepayment.

How and when will my coffee be delivered?
We deliver in 1 kg bags. Shipping is free for all deliveries over 50 €. You can choose: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 12x  per year to get the coffee fresh-roasted. Delivery will be arranged in one week after roasting. You can also join a group to order the coffee together.
What is the price of the coffee and how is the price calculated?
 The price is 27 € over 10kg and 29 € under 10kg per kg incl. Shipping is free over 50 € in Germany. All participants pay in advance for the whole year. Here is our calculation.
Can I buy the coffee as a non-member?
Yes, our first year is a probationary year and it is open to participants and non-participants.
How do I contact my coffee farmer?
Two times per year we offer a members-day with an online meeting. Anytime you can send us a letter or an email, we will deliver your message promptly to the farmer. You can write in English or Spanish.
Can I see the contracts with the farmers?

Yes. We are working on the contracts and will publish them on this page soon.

Where is my coffee roasted?
Your coffee will be roasted by Bernhard Burnickl in Verburg, Germany.
You can also buy green beans for a home roasting.
Is your coffee organic?
Not jet 100%! Our farmers from El Equimite are Demeter certified and they teach the other farms in the neighborhood how to grow biodimic – Finca Los Carriles and Sol Nocturno.
How long does it take to ship the coffee from its source to the roaster?
Shipping the coffee beans takes three months.
Learn more about how it works.