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teikei coffee is a fascinating project, which is currently in the start-up phase. Here you can check more latest news about its current status. .

we are working on

26. 12. 2016
Back from Mexico.
Our farms El Equimite, Sol Nocturno and Los Carilles are becoming a place where farmers can study sustainable coffee and vegetable growing. I was very warmly welcomed by our farmers. more

I offered two workshops about the possibilities of an international CSA coffee cultivation – at the Biodynamic Congress and at the University of Veracruz – .

Participants of the workshop at Instituto de Ecología

2. 12. 2016
Sorry, we have to recalculate the price. We neglected some extra costs, caused by Paypal fee and the small-size packaging. The price for a group order over 10 kg per delivery remains at 27 € per kg. Our new price for online orders will change to 29 € per kg.

25. 11. 2016

Our first year is a probationary year and it is open to participants and non-participants. It will take some time for us to complete the process to a jointly supported agriculture. It will be great that if you can support this process and we’d really appreciate it. .

8. 11. 2016
Since now, we can accept the orders for coffee! The first 500 kg are harvested for us and will arrive in Bremen in the middle of March 2017.

Now we found another sailing-boat: the Avontuur from Timbercoast. Timbercoast is a group of several friends working with fairtransport. Their boat will go to the port of Chetumal in Mexico at the end of January 2017 and can ship our first coffee to Bremen. Around March, the first large coffee delivery from Veracruz will arrive.

“We provide wind-powered cargo shipping. Our 1920’s schooner AVONTUUR is sailing in European and Caribbean waters as a tramp cargo service. The Avontuur is the missing link between the sustainable producer and the conscientious consumer. The statistics are clear, the current 90.000 container ships are destroying our oceans and spewing toxins into our atmosphere. In order for this global dependency to change we believe there must be a collaborative and viable alternative solution.”

We are now working on the following issues:

  • Establishment of a nonprofit company – we need a legal form.
  • We will go to Mexico to visit our future CSA farmers and to know them more personally. We will also offer a workshop there to make the CSA principle clearer. Hermann Pohlmann has experience – he has founded the network, with today about 70 initiatives in Brazil. Our coffee farmers in Mexico know the CSA principle so far only from listening.
  • Our ship “Tres Hombres” is currently traveling to Colombia. Mexico is easy to reach, but the winds blow towards the west, which is a problem. Fairtransport works on it.

30 kg of coffee bean sample have arrived and we roasted it. These beans traveled from our future CSA farmers still in a traditional way by container ship. The project will be presented with the sample. A top-coffee has come out .

Certificated, this is one of the best coffee. – for coffee specialists and lovers, here is the information of Q-Arabica Certification. and Excellent work from our farmers!

Coffee Samples

You can order a 250g-sample pack from our coffee roster now*

*Our first year is a trial year. As long as we are still growing, we use the online-shop from Bernhard, our roaster. This offer from Bernhard is free for us, he does not ask for any extra profit, we only pay for his working hours.